a physical explanation for manifesting, magick and miracles

by Professor M. R. Franks

Understand the nature of your mind and exactly how it interacts with the universe at the quantum level to produce miraculous effects, including psychic phenomena such as telepathy.  Understand how spells and hexes work.

Understand the physical processes by which prayers are answered and thoughts are manifested.

Learn the nature of the universe in which we live and the exact processes by which you can change your destiny by mere faith and imagination.

Understand how modern physics demonstrates the absolute immortality of your consciousness, your mind, your spirit.

Understand how immortal consciousness relates to your mortal physical brain, and why your mind is independent of your physical brain.

The Universe and Multiple Reality presents a non-atheistic view of parallel universes and quantum physics––and explains what this means in our daily lives.

At last, here is a book that presents a viewpoint dramatically different from the currently fashionable scientific interpretation of modern physics, an interpretation that denies the most important part of recent scientific discoveries:  the mind and its effect on reality.  Those interested in the paranormal will find the book absolutely fascinating.  It breaks new ground, taking the theories of modern physics to their logical conclusions which science’s atheistic foundations make it taboo to consider.

The Universe and Multiple Reality explains to the non-scientist reader in understandable, non-mathematical language the exact physical processes by which paranormal events operate, including how extra-sensory perception, telepathy, precognition, déjà-vu, telekinesis, divination, manifesting and other psychic phenomena work.

There are a great many "how to" books on various techniques, but few books explaining why these techniques work.

There are likewise a great many other books on "parallel universes," on quantum physics and multiple reality––but none that offers this unique theory on how human and higher minds interact with multiple realities at the quantum level to produce palpable physical effects.

This book is a must for any intelligent person curious about the place their mind occupies in the cosmic scheme of things.


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