What is Candle Magic?

Candle Magic is defined as "the burning of candles to influence the future."

If candle magic didn't work, people wouldn't be afraid of it.  But why does candle magic work?  And how?

There are a great many books on how to work candle magic, cast spells and the like.  But few books say anything on why candle magic works.  Just how does candle magic work?

Recent discoveries in quantum physics (the study of the physics of sub-atomic particles) and in cosmology (the branch of astronomy and astrophysics that deals with the universe taken as a whole) shed much light on how mind interacts with the universe.  These discoveries compel acceptance of the idea that there is far more than just one universe and that we constantly interact with many of these "hidden" universes.

Unfortunately, most books on quantum cosmology are written in language that an ordinary intelligent person cannot understand.  Moreover, many if not most scientists are in a state of denial of anything supernatural.  They are blind to the paranormal and simply cannot see the obvious logical conclusions of their own discoveries.

What is needed is a source that explains in understandable, non-mathematical terms the relationship between mind and matter––how the human mind acts to influence the physical world.

Such a source exists.

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